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Fun fact me: I am roughly 50% introvert, and 50% extrovert, which is basically the best combo ever. 

I consider myself a fun, chill & authentic person to be around. 

Some of my favorite things are: road trips, romantic comedies, podcasts, personality tests, babies, and homemade meals. I am also passionate about holistic health and often spend my free time researching and learning more about how I can better my health & wellbeing.


I've always been interested in Photography, but I didn't start photographing portraits & weddings until 2013. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 💛

My favorite thing about my work is that I get to connect with incredible people every day. You each have a story to tell, and I believe it is worth telling!


I am located in Kelowna, BC, and I also do work in Alberta a few times per year. 

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Roselight Photography

Central Alberta, Canada